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SJORIA: Book One|"The Silence Before The Song"|Scroll Down to Begin...

Table of Contents

The Silence Before The Song

(I) Small & Precious Things 
(II) The Lesson of the Talgonfree
(III) The Mishap in the Blue Wood 
(IV) Grey Days and Secret Places
(V) The Ties that Bind
(VI) The Day of Remembering
(VII) Dealings with New Münshir
(VIII) The Last Song of the Trees
(IX) Grasping at Shadows
(X) Isle of the Cursed 
(XI) No Way Out 
(XII) Into the Depths
(XIII) Hide and Seek (scheduled December 13th)
(XIV) The Patron at The Zyron Tavern (locked)
(XV) The Gaalthon Tribe (locked)
(XVI) Secrets in Ale’Sharaa (locked)
(XVII) The Moon Prince (locked)
(XVIII) In Plain Sight (locked)
(XIX) The Trial (locked)
(XX) Sweet Nightmares (locked)
(XXI) The Art of Deception (locked)
(XXII) The Stranger (locked)
(XXIII) Caught! (locked)
(XXIV) Preparing for the Storm (locked)
(XXV) The Rabbit (locked)
(XXVI) Scarlet Daggers (locked)
(XXVII) The Heart of Treshala Mountain (locked)
(XXVIII) Due Wages of a Traitor (locked)



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