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The Silence Before The Song

A sense of eager anticipation rushed through me as the lights dimmed. People were still shuffling to their seats as the musicians behind the velvet curtains readied their instruments. For now, only the rhythm of my own heartbeat played in my ears. This was it. The Silence Before The Song...

SJORIA is a work of nearly a lifetime. My sisters and I invented the world, the creatures, and the histories of SJORIA when we were about five, four, and three years old respectively. We have been growing and developing it ever since. SJORIA was how we explored the world around us. It was our tool to apply the life lessons we learned. It was and is very much a part of our growing up.

As well as a play on the term, "the silence before the storm", in which there is a stillness preceding the rain, thunder, and lightning, we chose the name "The Silence Before The Song" for Book One to illustrate that very feeling. You may find the anticipation thrilling and the lull exasperating, just as one may feel as they wait in the audience for the orchestra to begin.  In truth, the events of this book are but a prelude to a much grander scheme. There is another, deeper reason for our choosing this title, but we are confident that its meaning shall play out on its own in due time without our revealing it here.

Every character is the protagonist or antagonist of their own story.

Each is an important player in the Song.

The Web Novel

“What challenges would this little one face, to require such warnings when words of her potential might have been spoken instead?”

The Silence Before The Song is a dual narrative featuring the stories of two separate groups of characters.

It begins with the births of twin sisters Thairyn and Neyhira, daughters of a previously barren Gem Chief and Princess. Their much anticipated arrival heralded the beginning of a new age for the Dracoens, a sort of anthropomorphic people who dwell in an ancient forest. Young Thairyn and her sisters will learn much about their religion and the other unique creatures that call the woods home, playing games and making mischief, completely innocent of the groundwork that is being laid for the destruction of their entire race.

On the other hand, we have Gideon and his friends. Gideon is the crown prince of a country called New Munshir. His people and the Dracoens used to be allies, but estrangement and a recent war with non-human creatures such as Vuls have put tensions and prejudices between them. Gideon seeks to close the gap by example in befriending the young Dracoen sisters. Little does he know that an enemy almost as old as time itself has different plans...


We hope you enjoy reading this work as much as we have enjoyed creating it, if not more so! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of each chapter, or join us on Facebook. We also have a Twitter account and a YouTube channel through which we hope to release frequent updates, brain storms, and podcasts.

This Web Novel is completely finished, just unreleased, so no worries about investing your time into a story that the creators just lose interest in! We release new chapters and illustrations on the 13th of every month!

~ Destyni, Mae, and Cat
The MeetSJORIA Team
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