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SJORIA: Book One|"The Silence Before The Song"|Scroll Down to Begin...

Postponed Due To Lack of Interest

Hey everyone (anyone?), I am going to postpone continuation of this web novel due to lack of interest and other (perhaps more pressing) projects that are on my table at the moment. Book One is complete, as I wrote it in its entirety when I was about 17, but I will not be continuing to post chapters on this website for a while. There just hasn't been a whole lot of interest, so I'm going to focus on some other projects right now.

If anyone has read up to this point, let me know if you enjoyed the story and want to see more. Frankly, I feel my writing--let alone my storytelling ability--has much improved, so upcoming works will be much more interesting. We're hardly giving up on SJORIA, oh no, we've worked too hard and too long on development for that. But I do think we've come up with better ways to introduce people to the world and the characters. More details on that to come.

To keep updated on what we're up to at TeamSJORIA, check out my blog at meetSJORIA or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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